I have noticed that in the Release Notes for Zimbra 6.0.1 there is an Important Notice for RHEL 5 users that I have a question about. Here is the notice

"Important: When performing an upgrade on servers running 32 bit RHEL 5,
update 2 or earlier or FC 5, the installer may encounter a segmentation fault.
No work around currently is available. Make sure you backup all configuration
files before you start the upgrade! (Bug 21801)"

Does this mean that if I have RHEL 5 v.2 that I should probably not proceed to upgrade from 5.0.19 to 6.0.1? I have tested out some of the cool new stuff 6.0.1 has to offer and really would like to upgrade but I am not prepared for an emergency visit this weekend to my workplace to fix and major issue.

If RHEL v.2 does not work with upgrading to Zimbra 6.0.1 when will this issue be resolved? We own a lifetime license and the only real way to upgrade would be to wait until summer. I work at a school. I don't think anyone wants to wait for summer though with all the cool new features.

Thanks for any help in your advice.