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Thread: Upgrade to 6.0

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    Default Upgrade to 6.0

    I want to upgrade my Zimbra mail server to 6.0 from 5.0 ,but I dont want to loose my data .Can any one suggest upgradation steps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abhiz View Post
    I want to upgrade my Zimbra mail server to 6.0 from 5.0 ,but I dont want to loose my data .
    Why do you think you'll lose data? Take a backup of your /opt/zimbra folder and run the install - that's it!


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    To expand on Bill's post a bit...

    1. Read the 6.0 Release Notes carefully to see if any of the "gotchas" are relevant to your system.
    2. Search the forums here for 5.0 > 6.0 upgrade issues. There were a number of issues upgrading to 6.0.0, but 6.0.1 has fixed the majority of the more common issues and 6.0.2 should fix pretty much most of the rest of the known upgrade issues.
    3. Search the wiki for Zimbra Disaster Recovery steps, so if something does go wrong, you'll know how to recover ahead of time.
    4. Once you are comfortable that none of the upgrade issues will impact you, or, that you know what to do about them, shut down Zimbra and check no Zimbra processes are running.
    5. Copy the entire /opt/zimbra tree somewhere safe, even if only to a USB disk drive.
    6. Run the 6.0.x installer and note any errors.
    7. Address the errors, if any. Or, if you are running the NE, call support.

    Hope that helps,

    P.S. Please run "zmcontrol -v" as the zimbra user and update your Forum profile with the Zimbra version information so we can better help you in future.

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    I just completed upgrading my zimbra server from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2 following your instructions. Everything seems to be fine thus far.

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