I saw the post about this being a bug a while back, but I just wanted to be sure I didn't mess this up.

after installing u-test.cftw.usa (internal domain for testing only), my users are user1@u-test.cftw.usa, user2@u-test.cftw.usa, user3....

I wanted to make them user1@cftw.usa. So I added a domain cftw.usa, then changed the global settings default domain. Now users can be added with userX@cftw.usa.. which is great.

Questions #1: Is this the right way to do this.. or did I screw up the install?

Questions #2: I have no problem with this, but will this screw up my spam trainers if they are not in the same domain?

Thanks... Best product I have seen in a while, we as a community, needed this!!