I just ran an installation upgrade from 5.0.9 to 6.0.2 on Ubuntu 6 - I figured waiting to the 3rd release of v6 would flush out some obvious bugs - I was wrong.

Fortunately it appears that my users are able to send and receive email and the Outlook and mobile connectors are working as they should.

I am however running into a wide variety of issues in the admin UI that indicates the installation was less than smooth.

Immediately I noticed some missing things from the UI...
* The Global Settings License tab is completely missing
* The Backup/Restore tool option is completely missing
* The Features options do not list the Mobile option
* The Download files doesn't show the Outlook Connector

It appears that much of this falls under the zimlets category. But they appear to be installed...

~/% zmzimletctl listZimlets all
Installed Zimlet files on this host:
Installed Zimlets in LDAP:
com_zimbra_backuprestore (ext)
com_zimbra_cert_manager (ext)
com_zimbra_cluster (ext)
com_zimbra_convertd (ext)
com_zimbra_domainadmin (ext)
com_zimbra_hsm (ext)
com_zimbra_license (ext)
com_zimbra_mobilesync (ext)
Available Zimlets in COS:

I have verified via the command line that the zimbra license is installed, but I have real concern that if I go to edit or add a new user that user will lose the ability to use the Outlook connector or Mobile access because the UI isn't showing that as an option.

In addition to the missing features..

The Server Status is showing that all services are down.

The Server Stats are returning errors. This was likely because the logger service was FAILING to start up.

Digging through a variety of log files and this wiki article... http://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?tit...x_and_later%29

... I determined that the problem was likely a missing sqlite database in the /opt/zimbra/logger/db/data - in fact there was no "data" folder in the "db" directory. When I manually created that folder - a sqlite file is created in that folder but it is missing any data.

I am hoping for help on any and all of these issues because I am stuck in a no-mans land on this upgrade. Email is working properly but I am afraid that it may stop working.