Information and Requirements

Our company uses a domain called Our company has its headquarters in Location01 and a branch office in Location02. We have already setup Zimbra at Location01 and Location02. Location01 uses DNS name Location02 uses DNS name

We want the email transferred among local users in Location02 to be delivered locally, while the email addressed to users in Location01 is really sent to Location01. The same thing should be guaranteed for the communication in the other direction — messages sent from Location01 to Location02 must be delivered to Location02 office's server.

Our planned setup:

Suppose that users boss and secretary work in Location01 and users technician and programmer work in Location02.

Primary domain:
Users(example): boss and secretary
Aliases: > >
Secondary domain:

ZIMBRA SERVER(secondary)
Primary domain:
Domain Alias:
Users: support and programmer

How to configure/implement this on Zimbra? And also how to configure it to prevent loops in this distributed domain scenario..