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Thread: Order of precedence between Forward & Filter

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    Default Order of precedence between Forward & Filter

    This may be a stupid question but can't find the answer anywhere.

    In what order are forward's and filters processed on a zimbra mailbox?

    For example. I have a mailbox set-up for inbound virtual faxing. There is a forward set-up on it to forward all mails received to a distribution list. Nobody is directly accessing this mailbox and I want to stop it from filling up with old mail. The only way I figured out to do this would be to add a filter which discrds any messages that contain @ in the To: address. The question is then, does the forward take place before or after the filter?


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    The forward should happen first. A similar filter would be to discard any message with size greater than 1 byte.
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    Thanks Kevin. I will implement this today.

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