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Thread: problem installation in ubuntu lts 8.04

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    Default problem installation in ubuntu lts 8.04

    hi i have a problem whit the installation of zimbra 5.0.16 in ubuntu lts 8.04 well i configure and create a new user whit password, save the configuration and quit, but in the moment of type zmcontrol status or start screem this menssages:

    unable to determine enabled services from ldap
    unable to determine enabled services. cache is out of date or doesn't exist.

    any idea ?? please help me i dont where solve this problem thanks and greetings
    pd. sorry why my english no is very good

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    The likely problem is that you don't have valid DNS A & MX records, check the following article: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server (Hardy Heron) Install Guide - Zimbra :: Wiki That has details of what you need to do, you could also search the forums for some further comments in the forums.


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