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    Default Domain Masquerading

    hi guys

    I am migrating from sendmail to zimbra. here is the thing

    we have defined the server within the network and got a local domain as, I have enabled domain masquerading, so when mail is sent out from to outside network masquerading happens and address is changed to

    I don't want domain masquerading for local mail delivery, but it should happen only for non local mail deliveries. In Sendmail I was able to do this i.e
    If is sending mail to, the masquerading is not done, but if mail is sent out to, masquerading is done, this helps in having local delivery instantly for local user and when he replies he replies to local host domain instead of main domain.

    how can this be achieved with Zimbra and postfix.

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    Why don't you just rename the domain: to If you have valid A & MX records then mail will get delivered to local recipients, If you're on a LAN you'll need a Split DNS set-up.


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