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Thread: Zimbra newbie - ZCS Open Source questions

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    Default Zimbra newbie - ZCS Open Source questions

    (I have posted this thread here as it seemed the best place for it. If I am wrong, please let me know which forum sections this belongs in)

    I am an individual who, as a hobby, runs his own web server and mail server. Recently, I thought I'd give Zimbra a go, spliced a computer together from spare parts and installed ZCS Open Source 6.0 on Ubuntu 8.04. I especially liked the option of being able to read my email from anywhere in the world via the Web client.

    Installation went fine (used the on-line how-to's), no problems there. But I do have a few questions; I could not find the answers in the manuals (although I may have been looking in the wrong place) and searching the forum regularly returns 1000+ threads (yikes ). I am happy with people pointing me to threads with the actual answers, but I am drowning in non-info.


    Currently, I manage multiple domains for my websites (hey, they're cheap ^_^) which have a few users each (mostly admin users). I also have a couple of external email accounts with my ISP. So, for example, my list of email addresses looks something like this:

    I should also mention that I am running all of this on a 512/128Kb ADSL line (long story) and share this with the rest of the household, so the outbound bandwidth is not great. (luckily, no MMORPG/WoW sucking up the bandwidth).

    I would like to be able to read all of these emails from one Zimbra account. For the accounts in domains I host, this was simple: I created aliases in Zimbra for user2 and user3 and pointed them to user1. This seems to work so far. The following questions all assume accessing ZCS via the ZWC.

    (1) I have set up "external e-mail" IMAP accounts for the ISP email accounts. This kinda works, but I seem to have to click on the "get mail" button to retrieve the external email. Is there a way to automatically refresh the IMAP inboxes?

    (2) Do filters work on external IMAP accounts?

    (3) Are filters supposed to work automatically? I have set up a few and they do not seem to kick in, even for the Zimbra account. (The junk filter, on the other hand, works wonders with the Zimbra account. Kudos!)

    (4) Due to the lack of outbound bandwidth, I can't use ZWC's advanced/ajax client outside my network and have to use the standard/html client instead. When I do so, my external accounts turn up as standard folders with an "INBOX" folder under them. No matter what I do, and how many times I hit Zimbra's "Refresh" button, these inbox do not seem to retrieve mail from my external accounts. Is this linked to the fact that if I go to Preferences->Accounts I only see my primary Zimbra account? How do I get my external mail to be retrieved when using the "standard" ZWC?

    (5) While we're on the subject - for external mail, am I better setting up these accounts in Zimbra as POP3 or IMAP? (in terms of Zimbra functionality - I personally don't care either way)

    (6) When trying to access the ZWC using my mobile (HTC Touch HD, running WinMo 6.1) either through IE or Opera Mini, the interface defaults to iPhone. Annoying, as it's a lousy layout on my screen - I much prefer the Edge layout. Is there any way to change the default mobile layout?

    (7) Actually, while I'm on the mobile subject, I have a sync question. At work, I sync my mobile to Outlook by plugging it to the computer via a USB cable. ActiveSync kicks in, syncs the Calendar/Contacts information with Outlook (not Exchange) and I assume Outlook takes care of negotiating the updates with Exchange. I would like to do something similar with Zimbra. I don't need to sync the phone over the airwaves, I don't need to sync the phone directly with ZCS - I'm running the Open Source version of ZCS, so this is apparently not an option anyway - but I would like to be able to plug my phone in and somehow sync my calendar/contacts with ZCS... perhaps via the Zimbra Desktop Client? Is such a thing possible? Since I am doing this for my own personal use, I really don't want to purchase an enterprise licence. So maybe this is not possible.


    As I said, a few questions. I would be very happy if anyone can point me to threads or document/manuals with the answers.

    Many thanks for your time.

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    (1) In the admin console you can set the MailPollingInterval for accounts, or allow them to set their own (this is disabled by default)

    (3) Yes, otherwise what is the point of a filter? you might see some odd things though. For example I seem to have to use From->contains to filter by email address, rather then From->Matches Exactly.

    (4) I think that might be a bug that the external accounts don't show up. Of course it could just be the limited functionality of the lite client. You could try searching Bugzilla Main Page - Zimbra and entering a bug if you don't find anything. As far as external mail... refresh has always worked for me, but see (1) for something that might be related to this.

    (5) I prefer IMAP as it syncs with the server, rather then downloading the messages. Also IMAP is a much more modern protocol. But in the end it doesn't really matter, POP3 has been hacked up enough to provide enough of IMAP's functionality for basic email access.

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