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Thread: Did I miss something?

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    Default Did I miss something?

    Newbie here..

    I installed zcs-6.0.2_GA_1912 and it was setup as It seems that it only takes mail for

    Do I go into @ (on the zimbraAdmin), and create and then remove

    Or will that break things?

    We will be migrating to zimbra in the near future, but our current qmail server does not take mail for that domain.. and I'd like to not have to start.

    Did I mess something up during the install?

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    You might just want to rename the current domain using
    zmprov -l rd domain newDomain
    as that will keep the admin, spam, and ham accounts.

    If you are doing an install just verify that the installer didn't decide to put the server's FQDN in as the domain name, rather then just the domain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcsd View Post
    Did I mess something up during the install?
    Yes, you missed the question about 'Do you want to change the domain name'. If you skip that then the install script will use the FQDN of the server as the default. If you'd answered yes then you should have entered your correct as the domain name. The quickes and easiest thing to do is uninstall Zimbra with './ -u' and that will remove everything (the /opt/zimbra directory and any mail you have received). If that's OK then uninstall and re-install then change the domain name when asked and all will be OK.

    If you don't want to do the uninstall the you could rename the domain with zmprov:

    zmprov help commands
      renameDomain(rd) {domain|id} {newDomain}
        -- NOTE: renameDomain can only be used with "zmprov -l/--ldap"


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