I am a Zimbra newbie trying it out as a replacement for my aging personal mail server (see this thread for my saga of woes). One of the problems I have been having is not being able to use the Ajax/Advanced version of the Web Client outside of my network.

My setup is a 512/128Kb ADSL line, the ADSL modem redirects the traffic based on port/protocol, and I'm running Zimbra 6.0 on Ubuntu 8.04 on salvaged hardware.

And everything seems to be working from inside my home network, but not from outside - while I can use the html/standard web client, trying to use the ajax/advanced client outside the network causes the process to stop at the http://mydomain.com/zimbra/?client=advanced screen (the one which reads "loading...").

I first thought this might have something to do with my rather slow ADSL speed, until I noticed that Firebug wanted my attention. So I tried IE, just in case, and (after a long pause) it gave me an error too.

And the error is:

Line: 6437
Char: 37
Error: Expected ')'
Code: 0
URL: http://mydomain.com/zimbra/?client=advanced

Running it with dev=1 gets me the following errors (after an interminable wait):

Line: 685
Char: 107
Error: Expected identifier
Code: 0
URL: http://mydomain.com/zimbra/?client=advanced&dev=1

Line: 799
Char: 29
Error: Unterminated comment
Code: 0
URL: http://mydomain.com/zimbra/?client=advanced&dev=1

Meanwhile, Firebug reports:
ZmMsg is not defined
zimbra?c...ced&dev=1 (line 374)
* \n
zimbra?c...ced&dev=1 (line 352)
ZmMsg is not defined
zimbra?c...ced&dev=1 (line 365)
ZmMsg is not defined