Hey Guys,

It looks like I'm going to be re-configuring the RAID setup on our Zimbra server. Currently, we have two 147GB SAS drives that are mirrored. I was a little worried about it in the beginning...and my fears have come true. We're out of disk space!

So, I'm going to have two more 147GB SAS drives ordered and do a RAID 0+1. This way we gain more disk space through striping (double disk space from ~147GB to ~296GB, keep redundancy with mirroring, and as a side benefit get a slight performance boost.

From my limited experience, I think that this change will require me to pretty much re-do the server. Which, isn't all bad.

If I copy /opt/zimbra to another storage device, re-do the Zimbra server, copy /opt/zimbra back over, and do a re-install, will I more or less be OK?

We're currently running Zimbra 5.0.18 open-source edition. The server's OS is Debian Etch

I'd love to do two things. 1) Upgrade the server's OS to Debian Lenny, and 2) upgrade to the latest version of Zimbra 6.

Can I re-do the server with Debian Lenny, copy /opt/zimbra back over, and install Zimbra 6? Or, should I install Debian Etch, copy /opt/zimbra back over, re-install Zimbra 5.0.18, run apt-get dist-upgrade, then upgrade to Zimbra 6?

I'm nervous about this! Am I on the right track?

A P.S. question - Is it possible to run the 32 bit version of Zimbra on 64 bit Debian? I only ask because our server has 4 GB RAM and it bugs me that we're only able to utilize 3.5GB of it, lol. I'd go 64bit all-round, but our backup Zimbra server (for a disaster-like scenario) is only 32 bit.