I have followed this PDF ( http://files.zimbra.com/website/.../...%20Install.pdf ) in order to do Multiserver installation, which resulted in the following layout:

1 Zimbra LDAP Slave
1 Zimbra Store
2 Zimbra MTA's

Now we need to get one more Zimbra Store in order to distribute system's load.

We are currently using a SAN mounted on /opt/zimbra/store in order to have mail storage on it which can be accesed from both servers at the same time (of course it has some limitations, but it's possible).

I understand we need zimbra-proxy in order to balance which users go to which server, but we are unable to find any good documentation on how to do this safely. Also we don't know if sharing /opt/zimbra/store onto two servers running zimbra-store will be good for it.

Any information will be great!

Thanks in advance,