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Thread: Zimbra Primary and Secondary Servers

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    Default Zimbra Primary and Secondary Servers

    Hi all,

    Is it possible to setup two zimbra mail servers, primary and backup servers, have a secondary server that will be synchronised with the primary server in that if the primary server goes down, the secondary one can easily continue working with just minimal changes like the I.P Address?? And this includes even a domain controller integrated into the system!!

    If it possible, please let me know how to?


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    Hi, kkimani, you might search the forums as this has come up a number of times with various recipes depending on your exact needs, whether you are using FOSS or NE, etc.. Here are a couple links, but by no means exhaustive:

    EDIT: Also, you might vote for: Bug 11423 – disaster recovery through server to server sync (beta)

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