Hi there,

I need some advices from the gurus. I have two questions regarding Zimbra.
So to start let me tell you about my infrastructure and topology.

In short I am running a fully-redundant Zimbra cluster which consists of:

- 1 LDAP Server (master)
- 1 LDAP Server (replication)
- 1 Mailbox Server (active)
- 1 Mailbox Server (spare)
- 1 MTA Server (active)
- 1 MTA Server (spare)

So far the setup was a bit of a headache at first, but I did manage to get it working I am running a cluster with Zimbra 6.0.3 Network Edition.

I have tried and it works correctly, I can send and receive email and both MTA seems to accept incoming emails and route them correctly, however here are my questions/issues.

1. Servers status wrong

When I logon to my mailbox server 1 I see the status of servers – all servers except the local one I am logged in are defined or displayed with red crosses. When I logon on each server and check status with the command ‘zmcontrol status’ they all have all their services working fine. When I hit Refresh it does not seem to change anything.

Any idea? Is it expected behavior?

2. Migration

I have an old Zimbra server that has nothing to do with my cluster. There I have 2 domain names with about less than 10 active accounts. I see that there is a procedure for moving the accounts from one server to another one, but assuming that they work for the same ‘cluster’. Since I do not want to override the existing LDAP settings I am not sure what is actually the best way to migrate these accounts.

Could someone point me out the correct way to transfer accounts from two separate Zimbra server (both running NE) and from an old server to a new server. Please note that the old server will be wiped once the transfer is done.

Thanks in advance for the hints.