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    Third time trying to post to a forum, getting told It was spam, third time trying to install zimbra. FOr god sake, honestly? I could have written half of what is available by now. I will stick with the PRODUCTION quality qmail toaster for now.

    Don't get me wrong, I would love to see a "fully functional" drop in replacement for exchange but for heaven sake, after going through what I have been through I would go purchase exhange for 1500 bucks if I had it!

    Anyway, I can't seem to post anything. DOcument don't work. Servers don't come up, *it varies depending on how many times I try to restart everything ----- and I am NOT A NOVICE LINUX USER! I mean OMG! THe whole thing should be taken back to ALPHA as far as I am concerned, or something. I don't know. Check you guys out in a year or so, see if the claims are more 'honest'.

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    Sorry you feel that way As its your first post then they do go to the moderation queue; for which I have just released them and replied to one.

    The product is certainly not Alpha and I will be very interested to see why ZCS is not starting; once you reply to my post

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    Sorry for the probs, sure you must be tired of fighting with it, but I'd like to say unless you do something stupid, zm just installs (especially on redhat or cent) and runs - but since I don't want a flame war, I won't say that...

    I've been running Opensource Zim for several years, and you WILL find it's a great and stable replacement for Exchange... And it doesn't require the nearly constant "dorking with it" that many people "enjoy" when using Exchange..(!)
    On Cent, I have to add a couple of deps, to get it to install, but the install script tells you what it needs, and then (get your hosts file and dns right) you should have smooooth sailing.

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