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Thread: Install zimbra-store in one server and zimbra-apache on another

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    Lightbulb Install zimbra-store in one server and zimbra-apache on another

    My first post here since a long time when I joined the forums...

    Well, we are trying to install ZCS 6.0.3 in multiple servers
    Since we want the presentation layer to be separated from the storage layer, we where wondering if there is a way to do so.

    On installation, when I install zimbra-store without the zimbra-apache, it installs the web client skins, and other interface related parts.

    Is it posible to install this components in diferent servers??

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Have a read of the Multi-Server Installation Guide first and see if that's what you need.


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    Thanks for the reply!

    We have read the guide, and in page 13 it describes the installation for zimbra mailbox server. In this server, it says you have to install components: zimbra-store, zimbra-logger, zimbra-spell and zimbra-apache.

    We where wondering if it is possible to install zimbra-store and zimbra-logger on one server, and zimbra-apache + zimbra-spell on another

    The reason for this is to put the client tier in a DMZ network, while the store tier on the far backend network

    Is this possible?? The guide doesn't says it is not possible, but we cannot get to make it work this way, when we install the components on different servers we cannot configure them to see each other

    Thank you!!


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