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    Hi, I never used zimbra, but I'm looking for a good mail suite for my company and I found zimbra.
    My question is, I need to 2 mail servers at least, and they must be on different sites, for contingency purposes. How can i set up this on zimbra? Both servers must be syncronized.
    Can I do this with the Open Source version, or only with the payed versions?
    Someone has an enviroment like this? It works well?
    I saw a post in this forum about a cold standby server, but using the Network Edition.



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    You could use DRBD, even with the open source version
    For a company though, the backup features of the network edition are what will make the decision for you I feel, that and outlook integration.
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    Would DRBD work for separate sites? I have to admit, I don't know much about it, but from a quick glance at the DRBD site, it sounds like synchronous mirroring is going to slow things down too much, while asynchronous mirroring would probably not create a useful copy (i.e., the databases would probably end up out of sync.)

    To the original poster: there are a number of threads which discuss standby configurations, some for NE, possibly some for the OS version. I don't have them at my fingertips but you could try a search.

    I plan on setting up a NE standby config across widely separated offices in the near future. When I get it running, I'll try to post my solution.

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