Thanks for Zimbra OSE, Zimbra Wiki and ZCS/Samba howtos, especially those "UNIX nad Windows accounts in Zimbra..6.0"

But I have some questions (and problems), ZCS 6.03 on clean 8.04 server inside vmware:

1) why in Part 2 Samba configure/make/make install and then build or Synaptic for libnss_ldap and libpam_ldap; why not simply:
apt-get install samba
apt-get source samba
apt-get install libpam-ldap libnss-ldap ?
I think its better for later upgrade, or is it wrong?

2) using last command I got some other questions in "Configuring ldap-auth-config" dialog.
-URI and distinguished name ..OK
-LDAP version 2 or 3 ??
-Make local root Database admin: yes/no ??
-Does the LDAP database require login yes/no??
-LDAP account for root: uid=zmposixroot,cn=appaccts,cn=zimbra
-LDAP root account password: ??
I gave that hashed and stored into ldap in Part1, but during first ldap start after ZCS instal by I saw:

++ export ldap_replication_password=zmreplica
++ ldap_replication_password=zmreplica
++ export ldap_root_password=zimbra
++ ldap_root_password=zimbra
++ export ldap_starttls_supported=0
++ ldap_starttls_supported=0

Is this another root account inside ldap with another passwd or what?

3) there is generated nice etc/ldap.conf from "Configuring ldap-auth-config" with my answers. But I got NO questions for another user and passwd. Simply from Part1 I have TWO users zmposix nad zmposixroot with 2 own hashed passwords. But there is ONE ldap root user with ONE passwd and 4 symlinks for 4 generic ubuntu pam/nss_ldap files poiting to ldap.conf and ldap.secret. Where is second user zmposix? Must be passwd the same? Is it a must to add another user manually into ubuntu/apt-generated ldap.conf??

Thanks very much for answers,