A few days ago I tried to upgrade from FOSS 5.0.14 to FOSS 6.0.4 on my Ubuntu 6.10 server. Before I get replies to the obvious, yes I know this is not an officially supported version of Ubuntu. However, I've been running the 6.06LTS builds since the last few 4.x versions and all of the 5.x versions without problems.

Anyway, after the 6.0.4 upgrade (which appeared to go smoothly), the e-mail system was unreachable. Lacking time to truly investigate and resolve the issue, I simply restored a backup (which I've done with a few failed installs in the past) and everything was back to normal... or maybe it wasn't.

Today I intended to upgrade to 5.0.21 just to get the latest updates/fixes and the install reports I am running 6.0.4. zmcontrol -v reports:
Release 6.0.4_GA_2038.UBUNTU6 UBUNTU6 FOSS edition

I don't see how this is possible since I literally deleted everything in the /opt/zimbra directory ("rm -r -f *" from within /opt/zimbra) then restored the files from a tar made prior to the upgrade. Also, I notice no differences in the e-mail GUI or functions though I've never seen the 6.x GUI.

How can I determine what's going on? Any help will be appreciated.