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Thread: Links in Web Client point to port 8080, how do I fix this?

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    Default Links in Web Client point to port 8080, how do I fix this?

    I am running one nginx proxy in front of one mailbox server.
    Somewhere along the line of configuring this, the end users links to for example changing passwords changed to the proxy URL but with 8080 as port, like this :

    It used to be the proxy but with the same URL as the web interface.

    The user is accessing Zimbra using https, by the way.

    I think it might have been messed up when I tried to change the URL that points to the Domain Admin, since that is not available on the proxy. That change didn't succeed.

    Using Network Edition 6.0.4 on RHEL 5.4

    What I really need is to get back to URLs without port 8080.
    I have only used commandline utils, no hacking of files.

    Please help me out.
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