I've just finished installing ZCS 6.0.4 on a CentOS5 EC2 instance. I had to try multiple times until I got the exact IP setup working, but now it looks to be working correctly - e-mails are going in and out, and I also tested calendar, documents and tasks and I don't seem to have any problems, but the server status screen shows red X marks for all the services on my single server.

Could there still be problems with the IP setup? The current IP setup I use is that the server resolves its own hostname (which is something like ec2.mydomain.com) to the EC2 internal IP address and I installed it with that domain (it complained a bit about not having an MX record but I ignored it). I've set the admin address to 'admin@mydomain.com' and it automatically created the domain 'mydomain.com' in the domains list, in addition to 'ec2.mydomain.com'.

I also looked at all the logs in /opt/zimbra/log, and there is a lot of info there so I might have missed something, but there were no obvious errors that I found.

As far as I can tell everything is working correctly except the red X marks in the server status screen. Is there some way I can tell what is the real problem?