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Thread: change GAL lookup from "sn, gn" to "gn sn"

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    Default change GAL lookup from "sn, gn" to "gn sn"


    I thought I remember changing this in Zimbra 5 but can't seem to find it in Zimbra 6.
    I have an LDAP address book setup as an external GAL to search from. The issue is that it is displaying the name fields as "surname, givenname " and I would like it to be "givenname surname "

    Am I making sense?
    Does anyone know where I can change that?

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    OK, I did some more searching and found that it's the default "FILEAS" that I want to change.
    I found this post...
    Is that the only and easiest way to change the default way that contacts are entered and GAL entries show up?
    There appears to be a bug for this too:
    Bug 8723 – want client option for default contact FileAs value

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