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Thread: [Need] Step-by-Step Zimbra 6x install with samba Ldap access

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    Default [Need] Step-by-Step Zimbra 6x install with samba Ldap access

    Can some one do a step-by-step install of zimbra 6xx on unbuntu 8.04/9.04/9.10/10.04 server, with samba integrated for ldap access?

    VirualBox 3.1

    a) 1 VM ubuntu 9.10 server, Zimbra 6.04 as Exchange
    b) 1 VM ubuntu 9.10 server, samba3 as AD connected to 'a'(LDAP)
    c) 1 VM ubuntu 9.10 Desktop connected to 'b'(docs) & 'a'(email,cal,etc|sync)
    d) 1 VM winxp sp3 connected to 'b'(docs) & 'a'(email,cal,etc|sync)

    Thank you.

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    Search the wiki for the word 'posix'.


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