So after reading the forums, i'm pretty sure my install is failing at the LDAP step b/c my hostnames are not correct. Your assistance with this would be hugely appreciated.

I have one server, which all my MX records point to, which is currently running mail, serving http, running MySQL (no LDAP).
for discussion, say the MX points to:
- DSL router has static IP of and NAT's to
- is the first server.
- ports 25 and 110 in use for mail on that server (#1).

I want to add Zimbra to the second server, with IP of

I added line to hosts file on .11 (2d server) such as:

Install still fails.

If ports 25/110 are already in use on server #1, is this a problem?

Best steps for resolving this so i can get a clean DNS for Server #2 ( would be welcome.