Hi to All.

This is my first post :-)

I have been reading forums, wiki and documentation, also have been searching the SLES novell forums for something related and found nothing.

We have a SLES 10 sp2 x86 server up and running with OpenLdap, postfix, samba and cyrus imap. Tis server is our main server providing file services, autentification, and imap mail (we use egroupware and thunderbird as main email clients).

I want to try zimbra as the email part is far better than the egroupware one, but I don't know if there will be any coexistence problem with our current setup

As said above we use users in ldap and imap mail for this ldap users (no virtual domain), our ldap schema is something like

dc=company, dc=es

ou=people, dc=company, dc=es (for user accounts)
ou=contacts, dc=company, dc= es (for global address book)
ou=shared, ou=contacts, dc=company, dc=es (for shared address books)
cn=customers, ou=shared, ou=contacts, dc=company, dc= es (for customer shared address book)
ou=personal, ou=contacts, dc=company, dc=es (for private address books)
cn=username, ou=personal, ou=contacts, dc=company, dc=es (for private address book for user username)

for the rest, we use the Standard SLES advanced mail server configuration (ldap backend of users, groups, mail aliases, transports, etc), cyrus maildir folders, sieve active.

We also have spamassasin, clamav and amavis configured.

this is our internal mail server, we route all external mail to our external mail server that routes traffic to the internet.

Could we setup zimbra in paralell to test it, or we must replace our setup with the zimbra one?

we are few users (about 35).

Have anyone of you done such a change?

Any things to consider?

Many Thanks