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Thread: Multi Server Install

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    Exclamation Multi Server Install

    3 Dell GX260's
    --1.6G CPU
    --1.2G RAM
    -1 with zimbraldap running and BIND9 as DNS slave
    -1 with store, logger, snmp, apache and BIND9 DNS master
    -1 with mta

    I am having the same problem as this :

    I have searched and searched, but no avail. I can ping with all three ways, (alias, fqn, and ip) to the ldap machine. But telnet ldapmachine 389 does nothing. When I dig, I get responses for dig any, but not dig mx. My host `hostname` on both machines comes back with authority as well as host `othermachinename`.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

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    Couple of advices...

    (1) Check your DNS records for the domain
    (2) Since you cannot telnet on port 389 it means probably port 389 is blocked by a firewall. Please check on this on your ldap machine.
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