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Thread: Name service error for name=localhost.localdomain type=A: Host

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    Unhappy error when sending to zimbra however sending mail from zimbra works perfectly

    hi , ive recently setup the zimbra vmware virtual appliance and have added my domain in the zimbra admin console however when i login i am able to send messages from my domain but cannot receive any emails sent to me.

    my dns is hosted with my domain at and ive setup an A record and MX record so im not sure what else it could be.

    this is the error i get when i try to send an email to the mailserver "Name service error for name=localhost.localdomain type=A: Host" i havent had much experience with linux and postfix so im sorry if this is just something simple i havent setup.

    another issue not quite as crucial at the moment is that i want to use ssl for the zimbra webmail however after searching the forums and finding the solution i tryed it with no luck, i logged into the zimbra virtual appliance as root and tryed the commands both didnt work giving me the error no such command:

    zmtlsctl https
    tomcat stop
    tomcat start

    zmtlsctl mixed
    tomcat stop
    tomcat start

    thankyou for any help i really appreciate it
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