Hi Again.

I'm evaluating another scenario for a New company.

This company has not any servers, and is looking for installing a email and collaboration solution.

I'm looking to purchase a new Server and install SLES 11.

So in order to install zimbra the procedure will be:

1. Update the server to the latest patches and security fixes
2. Install zimbra
3. Configure the rest of the server services (ie samba, etc)

So now the question?

Could we use this same server to act as our main file server with samba?, setup ldap autentification (using the zimbra ldap) for the samba and server login? or is zimbra designed to non coexist with any other services in the server?

This is a small company, about 15 users, and they are planning to have the server housed in an external provider, while the factory is being finished, later they will evaluate the option to bring server "in house"

Is this scenario possible? Or will be best to use 2 servers?