Hi all,

we are now using Open-CRM at our company for all our customer contacts.

For it to manipulate mail properly I have had to set up 'in' and 'out' POP mailboxes on our Zimbra server, we then forward selected incoming mail to the 'in' mailbox for select Users using filters. Open-CRM then collects that mail from that POP3 mailbox and adds it to the relevant contact on our Open-CRM database.

Complicated but it works fine for incoming mail!

The trouble is, we also need to pass all 'Sent' mail from our selected Users to the 'out' mailbox so that all mail sent to customers also appears on our database.

So, finally got to my main point
How do I automatically forward all 'Sent' mail from my selected Users to the 'out' Open-CRM box as well as the intended recipient or, alternatively, can I just set up a filter on the Zimbra Sent mail folder? (I am assuming filters in Zimbra only look at the Inbox?)

Both our Users and the in and out mailboxes are on the same Zimbra server and mail domain if that helps.