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Thread: 48hr Restore Nightmare

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    Question 48hr Restore Nightmare

    I had to rebuild a server. The zimbra did not servive the crash. I rebuilt the machine and have the last zimbra scheduled full back up directory. However, when I do a restore none of the domains show up and none of the accounts show up?

    Help :-(
    Robert Canary
    OCDirect Electrical-Datacomm

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    That sounds unpleasant!

    Firstly, if you are running Network Edition, and you are currently without service, I'd suggest contacting support directly for assistance.

    As for community support, I suppose I'd be asking for the version of Zimbra you are running, and what steps lead to the reason for the rebuild and subsequent failiure?

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    According to your profile, you're an NE customer. Zimbra support is there to help get you going again.. Do post anything you think might be helpful to the community, but support would likely be the quickest route to getting up and running again.

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