Hi everybody,
I'm doing an internship in small size company.In our network we are behind a router provided by our ISP for our internet connection.
I successfully installed ZCS 6.0 opensource on my Ubuntu 8.04LTS Server(this Ubuntu is installed on VMware).I'm able to send and receive internal mails, and I even succeeded in sending a mail to my yahoo! account(although it appeared as a spam).
But the problem now is,what can I do to send and receive external mails, I meant from the internet?? I also want users to log from anywhere not only from their office. I've come up with the idea of buying a public domain name(as my company wants to have an internet website), with a public IP address, but I read on the forums that zimbra works when set with local parameters. So what can I do to fix all the above mentioned problems considering all the parameters??

Thank you in advance for all your answers and advice.