Hi All,
Have a working Zimbra install on FC3 (almost!). Setup as follows

We have a national mail server at our head office. To reduce unnecessary traffic to this server we have mail servers in our regional state offices that IMAP to head office and collect mail for users in that office. I am the process of replacing our RH7.1 Fetchmail/Sendmail box with Zimbra at 1 of our regional offices.

All services on the Zimbra box are started and working correctly.

I have set the Relay MTA for external delivery with the IP of our Head office mail server and turned off DNS Lookups.

I have setup Fetchmail cron to collect mail from head office.

I can connect to Zimbra with an Outlook 2003 client fine, and it picks up incomming mail OK.

During setup, I made the internal domain @xxx.com.au while head office uses the domain @yyy.com.au

I have added yyy.com.au as another domain through the zimbra web interface and set authentication to use External LDAP and pointed this at the head office LDAP - Tested ok.

The problem I am having is that I can send to any addresses in any domain (eg. gmail.com, bigpond.com etc.) EXCEPT yyy.com.au

I can send to an address at yyy.com.au ONLY if I actually create an account for that user in the Zimbra box, using the yyy.com.au domain I have setup.

When I try to send to an account with yyy.com.au that does not have an account created on the Zimbra box I get "Recipient address rejected: yyy.com.au" in the Outlook 2003 log.

Have I missed something simple? Stop laughing all u guru's

thanks in Advance