I have been looking at integrating mailman with ZCS. I have looked at the wiki article (ZCS Mailman Integration - Zimbra :: Wiki), but this requires actual accounts for every list (actually 11 accounts if you configure all the addresses to manage accounts).

There is an object in the zimbra sechma "zimbraMailRecipient" which is supposed to:
# zimbraMailRecipient is used to represent entries in the directory
# that can receive mail. i.e., they have a visible external address, that
# gets expanded into one or more internal/external addresses.

I was hoping that using this instead of a full blown "zimbraAccount" would allow me to create an object that doesn't have a mailbox (an therefore doesn't use up a license).

So far I haven't had any success creating a working object. Has anyone been able to use this object to direct the mail to another server? If so, any suggestions on how to do it?