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Thread: [SOLVED] Apache and zimbra integration

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    Default [SOLVED] Apache and zimbra integration

    OK, I have some older zimbra installations with tomcat and apache running quite nicely together. In fact one of the installations has been upgraded to 6.0....

    Now I have a need to configure a new system using Centos 5.4, opensource zimbra 6.0 and the default apache.

    No go.

    I've been poking around all day on this, reading the docs, howtos, hints etc and still no joy.

    It appears to me that running a standard webserver on the same hardware as zimbra should be a well documented thing. And yet it appears to be difficult.

    I would just like port 80 to go to some web pages and 443 to go to zimbra mail and 7071 to the command interface (http, https,https). Having virtual websites at port 80 is good too.

    Could someone point me to directions that work for this.

    Regards, Ethan

    PS "provide HTTP(s) Integration with Apache" does not work for me.

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    Welcome to the forums

    If you have moved Zimbra onto port 443 using
    su - zimbra
    zmtlsctl https
    then nothing should be bound to port 80 and Apache will be fine.

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    Tried that command yesterday without joy. When trying to bring up apache ports were bound. After thinking about it last night I relized that the default apache was binding to port 443 and that zimbra was also attemptnig to bind to that port.

    If you shutdown apache then installed zimbra, apache could not be started because zimbra had port 443. If you had apache up then it bound to 443 and zimbra retained a port conflict even if one issued a "zmtlsctl https" command.

    the solution was to rename /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf to something else (or delete it) and restart apache. Apache then did not bind to 443 and zimbra was free to bring up its webserver on 443 and 7071.

    Regards, Ethan

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