I'm new to Zimbra CS and also new to email servers, dns etc. in general. Kind of learning as I go.

I get the message "Message not sent; one or more addresses were not accepted.
Rejected addresses: someone@yahoo.com" etc. when sending mails from the Zimbra Web Client to external addresses. Sending to other internal addresses works fine. It also says: Invalid Addresses; chained exception is: com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPAddressFailedException: 554 5.7.1 : Relay access denied etc.

However, it is working fine to both internal and external addresses when sending over IMAP in another client, like Windows Mail or Zimbra Desktop.

I've installed Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6.05 and during the installation I created a domain: mail.exampledomain.com (exampledomain.com is not the real name of the domain). The host machine is named: mail.exampledomain.com.

All services is running in the Zimbra installation, except stats.

The DNS setup at my domain provider is:
- exampledomain.com MX 10 mail.exampledomain.com
- mail.exampledomain.com A
- exampledomain.com A

I also tried to change the domain name from mail.exampledomain.com to only exampledomain.com, and changed back again, but it is not working. It is possible that it worked from the Web Client before I changed the domain the first time. Not sure.

Hope someone can help me with this