I'm sure this has been asked many, many times, but although I've searched the forum I've not found any posts explaining just how to set this up.

I'm setting up a new Zimbra server, aiming to integrate it with Active Directory. Authentication appears to be working fine, but when it comes to the GAL I'm stuck. I don't have an in depth knowledge of LDAP, which I think is part of the problem.

However, I think there may be something wrong with the Zimbra setup too since as soon as I try to configure the GAL using the GAL Configuration Wizard, a warning is appearing in the Wizard saying:

"Warning: GAL data sources are not configured for this domain."

This doesn't appear to stop the wizard running though, and I'm unsure if the GAL data source will be created automatically. All the examples I can find for creating these from the command line appear to be repeating settings that will be entered in the Wizard.

Apart from that warning, I have a number of quite basic questions about the details the wizard needs:

1. How do I add a GAL data source to fix that warning?
2. Is the GAL sync account an account in Zimbra, or Active Directory?
3. What is the data source name for the external GAL?
4. I assume external server name is simply the DNS name of my AD server?
5. What is the LDAP search base? Do I just enter (dc=mydomain,dc=com)?
6. What is the Bind DN? Is this an Active Directory account?
7. Am I ok to leave the Sync settings the same as the search settings?
8. What is the search term on the final page?

I know these are all basic, but I've read the documentation, the wiki and the forums. Despite hours of reading I can't find explanations for any of these.