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Thread: Zimbra for a Major UK Community Project

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    Question Zimbra for a Major UK Community Project


    We are looking to use Zimbra as part of a major UK based community web project (see Leigh Park

    We are building a portal in joomla and wish to offer webmail to our users.

    As there are a number of Zimbra plugins for joomla that would make it's integration nice and easy, we felt this was the best root.

    However, as acommunity project with very limited funds and no Zimbra experience, we wondered A) what you guys in the community thought of the idea ? and B) If there was anybody out there prepared to give us a helping hand ?

    Any valid opponions or advice about setting up the Zimbra Server, which version to use, tips and tricks or even offers of practical help would be hugely welcomed and appreciated.

    Peter RF

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    Welcome to the forums

    Sounds like a great idea Will you be hosting the Zimbra server yourself ? How many users do you anticipate ?

    I would be more than happy to give you a hand.

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