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Thread: Fedora 11 preparation for incoming mail

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    Default Fedora 11 preparation for incoming mail


    I am about to install the Zimbra on Fedora 11.
    I would like to use similar configuration as I have on another Windows 2003 machine, it is very simple, but I don't know how to do that in Linux.

    For outgoing email we use server

    For incoming all I need to do on Windows is My Computer properties -> Computer name change -> More.. -> Primary DNS suffix -> -> check "Change primary DNS.."
    Then install SMTP service and job is done.

    That makes all emails send to to be delivered to the machine and can be relayed to any email system.

    Can I do the same stuff on the Linux? And will it work for Zimbra?

    Another issue is that my network card is DHCP only and I would not have FQDN if I go for static address, or can I set this up as well?

    Thanks in advance

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    Zimbra can be configured to use another SMTP server for all delivery, or another SMTP server for relaying messages to the outside world.

    As an aside, personally I wouldn't recommend Fedora 11 for a Zimbra install. Yes, it is one of the supported OS'es, but to me Fedora is more of a cutting edge Linux desktop OS. If you want to stick to Red Hat or one of its derivatives check out CentOS, which is essentially RHEL and much more of a server OS. Or if you don't care about Red Hat specific, you could always use supported Operating Systems (Debian, SuSE, and Ubuntu) -- check the Downloads page for supported versions.

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