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Thread: Can't send email from php

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    Exclamation Can't send email from php

    Hi guys,

    After a lot of waiting (I run gentoo), I finally managed to get zimbra up and running with the help of this tutorial:

    The solution is to install the debian release in a chroot under gentoo, and while it's qurky, it runs good enough.

    I can send and receive mail to/from the internet, and between zimbra accounts on the same machine, but I can't send email from php scripts, they end up in gentoo's queue (I turned off postfix to prevent from conflicting with zimbra).

    I tried putting
    sendmail_path = /opt/zimbra/postfix-2.2.9/sbin/sendmail
    in php.ini but still no luck. I can't send email from php no matter if I try sending to a local, zimbra managed address or to an outbound, internet email address...

    Any ideas?

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    Default Solved

    OK, sorry to bother, I solved it. The script was trying to send from an address not relayed by zimbra, I changed it and it's woking.

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    We're trying to expand our wiki.

    Would you mind adding some of your epxerences on the installation and a tutorial? I've added a section for editing.

    We're really glad you were able to port it. Thanks


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