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Thread: [SOLVED] Account Not Listed

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    Default [SOLVED] Account Not Listed

    I have an account that was created legitimately.
    User locked out due to too many attempts.
    I corrected that by moving the account from locked to active.
    User can login fine now.
    My issue is, I find it odd that now, the account is not showing in the list of accounts.
    This is all done via Zimbra admin GUI login. Not command line.

    Any ideas ? Why the no show ?

    I thought to export all the info for the account.
    Delete it and recreate it.
    Import stuff back.

    I better let others know so if it's dummy me, then I can fix it.

    ZCS - Free Edition 605
    Ubuntu LTS 804


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    Okay..I need to sleep more. Folks, I just didn't see the next button to go to the other page. I feel so stupid. Sorry for this

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