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    Default Table of Allowed Domains

    Is it possible to configure the open source edition of Zimbra to restrict sending and receiving email only to certain domains? Ideally it would be a table of allowed domains, and outgoing or incoming mail to other domains would be rejected. I am considering Zimbra to replace our current email server which we have configured in this way, for secure communication only within our organization. Also, can Zimbra be configured for alternate ports for pop3 and smtp services?

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    Welcome to Zimbra Forums !

    To restrict mail sending to certain domains:
    Restrict sending to certain domains - Zimbra :: Wiki

    To block mails from domains, you can blacklist them.
    Improving Anti-spam system - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Yes, it is possible to configure alternat ports for zimbra. Please check some of these documents.
    Adding additional SMTP listener ports - Zimbra :: Wiki

    For pop/imap ports you can search and set the ports with these commands:

    su - zimbra
    zmprov -l gs `zmhostname ` |grep Port
    - Irfan

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    Thank you, that is very helpful. But does the whitelist take priority over the blacklist, that is, can I deny all domains in the blacklist with "*@*.*" and then allow specific domains in the whitelist with "*"?

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