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Thread: Migration from Sendmail

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    Question Migration from Sendmail

    Can someone point me to resources on how to migrate from Sendmail to Zimbra?

    Also I'll need to run Zimbra and Sendmail in parrallel before doing a full cutover, what would be the best approach?

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    You can just use zmprov to create the user's in Zimbra. You can install Zimbra in front of sendmail and just configure a local domain fallback in postfix. This way at first when there are no users in Zimbra we'd just forward all the mail to sendmail. Once you start to add users then mail for those migrated users would land at Zimbra. Once you've provisioned all the users from sendmail in Zimbra no more mail would go to sendmail.

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    Default More detail

    I have Sendmail on one server and have created a new server with Zimbra as the only function. This idea would seem the ideal solution if I understood the details of how to configure the Postfix pass thru (or fallback). Are there any more specific directions available?

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