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Thread: Zimbra 6 Community edition

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    Default Zimbra 6 Community edition

    Im planning an install for around 200-250 user and looking for some advice on the best way to setup. Im planning to deploy the setup in VMs running on ESXi but am not sure if I should create one VM or split Zimbra into its component parts. As it stand I only have one box so all VMs will be on the same server (this will possibly change in the future)

    Basic spec of server.

    ESXi 4.0
    Dell R710 2 x Quad 2.4Ghz E5530, 16GB Ram, RAID 10 Array



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    i would make one vm, maybe 8gb of ram and it should be more than capable of 250users

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    well that HW spec you have it can take a LOT more than this number of users based upon your usage.
    if you do not have any other use of this box except zimbra then you should run multi server install of zimbra so in case you need more redunceny or expention in the will be a breeze,
    by moving some VM's to another host and give them more resources or add mailbox servers on new hosts.

    if you start with single server install then it will be a pain to split it later.

    basic mininim setup you can make is

    VM 1 - 1 GB RAM -------> LDAP (only)
    VM 2 - 2-4 GB RAM -------> MXIN (with AV and AS installed)
    VM 3 - 4-8 GB RAM -------> MAILBOX
    VM 4 - 4-8 GB RAM -------> MAILBOX2 (optional..can be used to split your mailboxes half and half)

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