I have ZCS 5 community edition on Ubuntu 8.04

It works fine but ...

Some time ago I had a problem when I installed a second server on the same network and screwed the LDAP. I sorted it and rebuilt from my backup copy but
1) I can't make a clean upgrade and (it barfs at the end although it still works)
2) when I try to log in to the console on port 7071 it lets me log in then hangs. The browser tells me that the whole page has loaded but I can't get any further so I can no longer use the GUI to administer Zimbra.

I'm not too worried about issue 1 but issue 2 is a real headache because I can't expect local staff to deal with the CLI (zmprov).

How can I replace only the web-services or, alternatively, how can I migrate everything to a new server running on the same network without screwing LDAP again? I realise I can do it the long way by migrating to another network then back again but I would have thought there must be a simpler way.

What more info do I need to give to help you folks help me get it fixed?