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Thread: Stats Engine 6.0.6

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    Default Stats Engine 6.0.6

    G'Day All,

    Coming off a long internal test and development of Zimbra and are about to deploy it as an ASP solution to replace our existing platform. So just got our partner stuff all signed, sealed and delivered. We were VERY conservative in testing due to the issues in China and also email in general. If you are outside of China - you have NO IDEA how difficult it can be.

    However some bugs are getting quite annoying. The first being the stats. I keep getting the stats daemons falling over... multiple zmcontrol restarts do nothing. The stats are being kept in a stats log - I assume for fetching with the rrd fetch tool... but eve with all ports open - nothing works.

    Now on the main storage node (first one) that also has the stats aggregation engine on it - the stats work fine and show up in the admin screen. Now while doing one of the restarts of the zmcontrol on one other node (in this case a proxy02) backup node. I saw a "Password:" prompt come up.

    Now I have recently changed the root AND admin passwords on the system - but not the LDAP one.

    Could stats be failing due to some authentication issue?

    In a nutshell we have currently 1 x Storage server, 2 x LDAP servers, 2 x Ingestion Servers, 2 x Proxy servers. Once all is set and working and no more bugs - then we will add the storage nodes as we scale up and out as we migrate our clients over.


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    Welcome to the forums

    You are more than likely hitting Bug 44638 – zmstat-fd should require no password when sudo is executed which has been fixed in ZCS 6.0.6 soon to be released.

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    Ah - thanks for the welcome.

    One thing that I did like about Zimbra first was the LDAP use and the fact that I don't need to manage all these ACL credentials. If in fact it is a bug (relief) and is address in the next versin that I saw on the timetable is due for next week - then I'll hold tight.

    I guess I can now start on my other laundry lists of issues, concerns and questions. ;-)


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