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Thread: Date Format: Zimbra does not recognise browser locale on Linux/Firefox

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    Default Date Format: Zimbra does not recognise browser locale on Linux/Firefox

    Hi All,
    I know this issue has been covered before, however the specific example of dates not formatting correctly with Zimbra in Linux/Firefox has not been resolved (afaik).

    Symptom: I am located in Australia which uses the GB date format (dd/MM/YY). Dates received in the format dd/MM/YY are recognised by Zimbra as MM/dd/YY (us format) - this makes entering appointments from a date link difficult, because it takes you to the wrong day.

    Environment: This issue only appears on a system with Linux/Firefox (I set the locale variables for firefox correctly in about:config), but it formats correctly on Windows/Firefox.
    Zimbra version is 3.1.4.
    I have configured the en_GB language for KDE.

    Question: Is there further locale settings I need to change in Linux? I'm running Debian - the `locale` command returns LANGUAGE=us, I'm not sure if this would contribute to the issue, and I'm not sure how to change it.

    Suggestion: Currently, the way zimbra handles a date that's out of range is to wrap the field that is too large:
    eg 18/07/06 (18th July 06 in en_GB format) is translated by zimbra to 7th June 06 (wrapping the 18 at 12 = 6th month, June) in US format.
    A better way to handle this would be to automatically assume the date is in a different format, and to recognise it as that format.
    For ambiguous dates (eg 06/07/06) obviously the default format would apply.

    Hope that makes sense, and I hope someone can help me out -
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    Please file a bug with these details and we'll try to reproduce it.
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