I am upgrading a NE 5.0.15 release to 5.0.23. Everything was going fine until it reached "Upgrading Document templates...". That was 31 minutes ago and I'm starting to doubt it will come back.

The system seems mostly idle and the last few lines in the zmsetup.log say:

Thu Apr 8 22:19:36 2010 checking isEnabled zimbra-store
Thu Apr 8 22:19:36 2010 zimbra-store is enabled
Thu Apr 8 22:19:36 2010 Upgrading Document templates...
Thu Apr 8 22:19:36 2010 *** Running as zimbra user: /opt/zimbra/bin/zmprov ut -h zimbra-svc.ncstech.com /opt/zimbra/wiki/Template

Any suggestions? I'm thinking of killing the zmprov command so the install can move on but I'm worried there's a bigger issue here.

BTW, we have few if any "Document" users on this system.