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Thread: Mandrake and MySQL

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    Default Mandrake and MySQL

    Has anyone successfully installed on Mandrake?

    I have MySQL already on my server, does the installation routine play nice with an existing and in use installation of MySQL? Not a big deal if it shuts it down briefly, but just don't want to have current databases overwritten or something.

    The demo site is very impressive, I've been contemplating deploying MS Exchange as our collaboration envirionment at work. This is looking VERY attractive. I hope to exeperiment a bit with Zimbra on my paintball team's server and then possibly deploy at my company. Will commercial installation and maintenance contracts be available for such a deployment?

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    Mandrake is not supported today. You should shut down and webserver or MySQL databases prior to your install.

    We will offer a fully supported option as part of our Network Edition. You can read about that here:

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