I expose my problem my manager ask me to install and setting as soon as possible a demonstration server, where zimbra, astersik and wildfire will be run on the same server.
but the probleme is asterisk need mysql, phpmyadmin and apache like zimbra .
Does zimbra can use the package already install without installing the mysql and apache in /opt/zimbra .

I have 2 question first :

first question:

I read on the documentation of zimbra that it is advised to stop all the process for which will zimbra needed to make a correctly installation.
The problem is, I have already asterisk running on this server in realtime mode with apache, php4, phpmyadmin and mysql-server so can I install zimbra on top without broke the setting of asterisk if I stop all process of asterisk for make the installation of zimbra or it is necessary that I install first zimbra to make an installation correctly and after asterisk and use the process apache and mysql of zimbra for the realtime mode for astersik and add php4 and phpmyadmin on top does it possible ????.

Second question:

And if I can use the mysql and apache of zimbra, I'll need to reset the root password of mysql, so does zimbra will running again after if i do
#mysqladmin -u root password 'NewPassword'

Thank you for all your help , I really need somes answer :-))